MacBook Air Review

on Mar 20, 2008

macbook airThe MacBook Air is the latest laptop from Apple, and one that has caused a division of opinion from customers and experts alike. There is a lot of praise for this product and a lot of favorable reviews. There has also been a lot of negative opinion on the forums and blogs around the web. Who is right? Is the Air a worthy addition to the strong Mac lineup? (Click to read more)

Apple’s Inverted Text Shadow

on Jan 25, 2008

Recently, I’ve started noticing an interesting design change in Apple’s user interfaces, mainly on their site, but also a lot on the iPhone. The design item is an inverted shadow—that is, a shadow falling above, rather than below the text. Here’s an example from their website’s navigation (Click to read more)

Why Time Machine Works

on Nov 12, 2007

Time machine icon in space

Now, I’m sorry to disappoint you if you thought that I’d be talking about a real time travel machine, that unfortunately hasn’t been invented yet as far as I’m aware—however, I am going to give you my perspective on Apple’s application called “Time Machine”, which was released recently with the Macintosh operating system, OS X Leopard.

Time Machine is an automated file back-up application—it backs up everything, quite literally…everything. Of course, back-up software has existed for years in many forms and shapes. The latest release of the Windows operating system, Windows Vista, has its own automated back-up solution called Shadow Copy. Time Machine, is just another back-up application then, right? Not quite… (Click to read more)

Friday Review: OS X Leopard

on Nov 2, 2007

os x leopard banner

Last Friday, Apple has unleashed their latest operating system, OS X Leopard, and from the general reactions and first reviews it appears to have been very well received. I’ve made the upgrade and would like to now share my own thoughts and experiences I’ve had with this new system, and whether I would recommend current OS X users to part with their hard earned $129 to get the latest and greatest offering from Apple. (Click to read more)

Why Apple is Keeping the iPhone Locked

on Oct 4, 2007

iPhone locked

Recently, Apple have started to lock the iPhones of people who have either unlocked their devices without first buying a proper contract with AT&T, or even more interesting, those who have installed custom programs and hacks to extend the iPhones capabilities. Despite the public pleading Apple to open up the iPhone and release a real SDK (as opposed to the current web SDK that allows developers to deliver their apps through iPhone’s inbuilt Safari web browser) to help developers make applications for the iPhone, Apple is still firmly resisting. The reasons they have given feel inadequate—will it really compromise the security of the device? Surely Apple has everything to gain from opening up the iPhone and allowing thousands of developers to make their own apps for it? (Click to read more)

Friday Review: Apple USB Keyboard

on Sep 14, 2007

From today, we’re going to have a special blog post every week called “Friday Review”. As you may guess, we’re going to review some piece of software or hardware to help you make a more informed purchase decision. Without further wait, let’s get started with our very first review. Today we’re going to look at the Apple USB keyboard that was (Click to read more)

Why the OS X Leopard transparent menu bar is great

on Aug 25, 2007

I’d like to talk about something that has been talked about a lot in the Mac community (well, at least in the circles of those who care about user interfaces or are just really fussy about the way their desktop looks). Since Steve Jobs has premiered the new OS X Leopard operating system features for the Mac in June, the new and refreshed user interface (UI) has been received with mixed feelings–some very negative, especially regarding the transparent menu bar at the top of the desktop. I’d like to tell you why I think the general public opinion is wrong, why I think Apple has gone with this design decision and why I think people will (Click to read more)

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