MacBook Air Review

on Mar 20, 2008

macbook airThe MacBook Air is the latest laptop from Apple, and one that has caused a division of opinion from customers and experts alike. There is a lot of praise for this product and a lot of favorable reviews. There has also been a lot of negative opinion on the forums and blogs around the web. Who is right? Is the Air a worthy addition to the strong Mac lineup? (Click to read more)

Friday Review: OS X Leopard

on Nov 2, 2007

os x leopard banner

Last Friday, Apple has unleashed their latest operating system, OS X Leopard, and from the general reactions and first reviews it appears to have been very well received. I’ve made the upgrade and would like to now share my own thoughts and experiences I’ve had with this new system, and whether I would recommend current OS X users to part with their hard earned $129 to get the latest and greatest offering from Apple. (Click to read more)

Friday Review: ArtRage 2

on Oct 19, 2007

ArtRage UIIt’s that time again, the weekly Friday Review, and for this article we are showing off a great little application for sketching and digital painting—Art Rage 2. (Click to read more)

Friday Review: Pixelmator

on Oct 12, 2007

Today we’re looking at a brand new application for the Mac called Pixelmator. As the makers of Pixelmator say, it is an image editing program “for the rest of us”. This is the stripped down version of Photoshop that anyone can use, especially that the price tag is only $59 dollars and not the colossal $600+ that Photoshop may cost you. (Click to read more)

Friday Review: AppZapper

on Oct 5, 2007

appzapper reviewThe Mac OS X operating system is great. Everything is elegant. Everything is simple. Whatever task you wish to do—it’s easy. Apart from one thing that is…uninstalling applications. Uninstalling applications is just plain confusing. Sure, you can just take that little app out of your Applications folder and dump it in the Trash, but will it really be gone? Are there still some system and preference files lurking around your system and wasting that precious space? Indeed, most applications can be just trashed, but some will require a more thorough removal process, which may involve you looking around many system folders, trying to find all the support files that are no longer required. (Click to read more)

Friday Review: Logitech MX Revolution

on Sep 28, 2007

Today we’re looking at the MX Revolution, the wireless rechargable laser mouse from Logitech. I’ve purchased the mouse a while back and would now like to share my experiences with it as I believe it is a very advanced mouse and has several advantages over the competition—advantages that can have a big impact on (Click to read more)

Friday Review: Coda

on Sep 20, 2007

Coda Review

For today’s Friday Review I’m going to look at a fairly new web development/design application for the Mac called Coda that is made by Panic. The main selling feature of Coda is that it integrates everything that web developers, and in particular designers, may want—all in one neat little package. This mix includes: (Click to read more)

Friday Review: Apple USB Keyboard

on Sep 14, 2007

From today, we’re going to have a special blog post every week called “Friday Review”. As you may guess, we’re going to review some piece of software or hardware to help you make a more informed purchase decision. Without further wait, let’s get started with our very first review. Today we’re going to look at the Apple USB keyboard that was (Click to read more)

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