Typesetting UI Elements

on Oct 18, 2007


Alignment of text is important on things like buttons and tabs, and this is something that many times designers get wrong. For example, I’ve been browsing some blogs and found an interesting new application for the iPhone that let you calculate tips. Great idea, and the app looked pretty nice too—except for one thing…the alignment of text on the buttons. Now, I don’t know whether the designer or the actual SDK is at fault—that is really irrelevant—I’m not here to criticize the app, but to just illustrate a simple point about text alignment and how to do it right.
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No Font Smoothing = Jagged and Ugly Type

on Sep 25, 2007

This is a little rant on something I keep noticing around the place in people’s work—especially when somebody is trying to sell a pre-made website template, be it already coded and ready to go or simply a sliced Photoshop image. The fonts are all jagged due to no font smoothing applied. This results in something which isn’t very pleasing to the eye. Here’s an example of one such instance (Click to read more)

CSS 3 - Grid Positioning is Coming!

on Sep 20, 2007

Blog title image - CSS grids

Ever wanted to lay out content on your website in a newspaper column style using CSS but quickly discovered it was actually very difficult and required almost as much code ‘bloat’ as using tables did?

Well, I have for sure, and am very happy to read that columns and grids are getting (Click to read more)

Typography in the Windows Vista User Interface (UI)

on Sep 13, 2007

The release of Windows Vista introduced a refreshed and redesigned user interface (UI) for Windows users, but although the interface features a lot of eye candy in terms of animations and dynamic visual effects (such as blur filters for its glass), it fails at getting the basics right—font alignment. Whenever I switch from using Mac OS X to Windows Vista, the differences in typography on the UI jump right out at me—or indeed, the (Click to read more)

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