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Dmitry Fadeev


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Dmitry enjoys creating clear and usable interfaces without sacrificing aesthetics and style.

Dmitry holds a degree in Business Administration and so understands very well how business works and how good, focused and strategic design can bring real value to the organization. By fusing sound marketing knowledge with extensive design experience, Dmitry creates websites that are not simply works of art, but websites that work for you and your clients.

Dmitry also writes about Usability at his blog:

Myles de Bastion


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Visionary and explorative designer with an eye for beauty in the details. Myles is a multifaceted digital artist who creates and provides professional solutions in many creative mediums from motion graphics web design to music composition and photography.

Focusing on impactful and visually striking user interfaces and web-sites driven by concise, semnatically rich and accessible code, Myles will bring passion and vigiour to your next project.

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