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Looking for a web design solution?

We can help. Pixelshell is a small web design studio. We provide custom solutions with a focus on beautiful, usable and accessible interfaces.

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Latest News

Aug 31st 2010: Pixelshell are still alive and well, we are working on a new website update behind to scenes that will be more portfolio centric as that's all we've been doing the past year or so, busy on those projects churning out great design and semantic code for our clients. Head on over to our Portfolio right now to see the recent additions. Like what you see? Don't be shy to get in touch, we love new clients!

Oct 29th 2008: Ever needed some Creative Commons sound samples for your creative project? You may already know of, one of the biggest free sample databases on the Internet today. Earlier in the year Pixelshell were selected to perform a much needed redesign on their site. After many revisions to get everything pixel-perfect, we submitted the design to the community. You can take a sneak peak at our new design and read what the Freesound users are saying right on their forums.

Jul 14th 2008: We've been busy working on a few new projects over the last couple of months which included a template for an e-commerce system, a Wordpress blog template and a big project redesigning the site of a hosting company Spiralhost, which can you see live here. This was our biggest project so far and involved us creating a lot of custom imagery, pages and javascript to make a beautiful and easy to use site. Check out all this new work on our Portfolio page.

Dec 31st 2007: We're pleased to announce that our Pixelshell site was voted #49 in "Top 100 CSS Designs of 2007" by You can check out our site among the other 100 designs here. We're honored to have been selected and look forward to bringing you more great designs in 2008. Happy New Year!

Dec 10th 2007: We've had a successful launch and over the past couple of months have enjoyed a lot of interest and work—so much interest in-fact that we've lately increased our prices slightly to stabilize demand. Of course we're very happy with the way this is going, and are planning updates to the site in the future… perhaps even our own discussion forum. Stay tuned!

Sep 22nd 2007: The site is still in a 'beta' stage, but it is fully functional and so, while we still make gradual improvement, we're ready for business. Feel free to look around all the sections using the navigation bar at the top. We don't just provide a service, we aim to facilitate knowledge sharing in the design industry and create a community to help designers and developers work better. We do this through writing free guides and tutorials, updating our blog with our thoughts on the latest industry trends and developing free resources you can use in your work. Welcome to Pixelshell v1.0

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