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Pixelshell is a small web design studio founded by Dmitry Fadeev and Myles de Bastion, specializing in creating elegant and usable websites through simple, streamlined and accessible design. For a more detailed overview of our services and pricing, please click here to see the Services page. You can see some of our past works in the portfolio below:


Below is a gallery of different projects we've worked on that will help you decide whether we are right for you. Please click on the preview links provided to see full size screenshots or live versions of the pages:

Thumbnail image of: Upcoming website for violinist Lorenza Ponce

Lorenza Ponce

Preview: Full size screenshot
Description: Violinist, soloist and vocalist, the versatile musician Lorenza Ponce has toured world-wide with Bon Jovi and Sheryl Crowe. Pixelshell are please to be bringing and updated and more content/news centric website for her built on Wordpress. Launching early 2011.
Thumbnail image of: Lobangclub.com


Preview: Full size screenshot
Description: A relatively new 'bargain hunting' social web application for the Singapore area needed usability consulting and a very Facebook-like approach to social sharing and commenting. This project also involved development and support for mobile devices.
Thumbnail image of: ArabHorse.com


Preview: Full size screenshot
Description: Design for the very busy and active enthusiasts and professional breeders website for the beautiful and exotic Arabian Horse breed.
Thumbnail image of: Freesound


Preview: Full size screenshot
Description: New redesign for the popular collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds. We have really enjoyed working with Freesound, a busy site with over 100,000 active users. We are very pleased with our designs. The new look will be live very soon.
Thumbnail image of: Doominio


Preview: Full size screenshot
Description: We're popular with web hosting companies who often are looking for a professional and modern look. Polished and clean design and code goes a long way toward inspiring confidence in the brand and product.
Thumbnail image of: Spiralhost


Preview: Full size screenshot
Description: Site designed for a web host called Spiralhost. All the icons and promotional imagery as well as all the inner pages were custom made for the client.
Thumbnail image of: iPod Noticias

iPod Noticias

Preview: Full size screenshot
Description: A Wordpress blog template for an iPod and iPhone news blog. (Note: Large >1MB screenshot!)
Thumbnail image of: League Lineup

League Lineup

Preview: Full size screenshot
Description: New template created for professional services for amateur sports. Client was really happy with the designs created for them. Our first foray into Javascript to reveal/hide additional content. It was good fun getting to grips with the Mootools framework.
Thumbnail image of: Shop til you Crop

Shop til you Crop

Preview: Full size screenshot
Description: A website for a scrapbooking hobby store. This template was designed for the ProStores e-commerce system.
Thumbnail image of: My Mock Draft

My Mock Draft

Preview: Full size screenshot
Description: A new face-lift for My Mock Draft that brings a new consistent look whilst enhancing the site functionality. The user interface sports visual clarity and promotes ease-of-use. Now, creating football drafts and keeping up-to-date with the latest news is a pleasurable experience for site users.
Thumbnail image of: Host Suar


Preview: Full size screenshot
Description: Web design created for a hosting company called HostSuar. The design embraces the lively and dynamic feel of Web 2.0 to give the hosting firm a modern and fresh look, while at the same time retaining a serious and reliable image.
Thumbnail image of: Pixelshell v1

Pixelshell v1.0

Preview: Full size screenshot
Description: Version 1.0 of the Pixelshell website. The design aims to embrace the best of Web 2.0 design trends, such as simple tabbed navigation, strong colors and horizontal layout layers, as well as being accessible and usable through the use of semantic XHTML and CSS.
Thumbnail image of: Team Premier

Team Premier Website

Preview: Full size screenshot
Description: Wesite designed for a final year university project team. Portrayal of a powerful image was the main aim here, and so heavy imagery was used to generate the right atmosphere and feel for the site in order to best reflect the team.
Thumbnail image of: Bloodthirst

Bloodthirst Website v3

Preview: Full size screenshot
Description: Website for a Half-Life 2 game modification called Bloodthirst. The site was designed to reflect the visuals and the style of the game, and so is features a visually rich interface with a dark, high-tech theme.
Thumbnail image of: Leviathan

Leviathan Website

Preview: Full size screenshot
Description: Website for Leviathan, an online project management and collaboration system for creative professionals. The gentle range of the pale teal color and simple layout was designed to reflect the feel and simplicity of the actual system.
Thumbnail image of: Ten Canoes Trailer

Ten Canoes Trailer Page

Preview: Full size screenshot
Description: A movie trailer page for the film "Ten Canoes", published by Palm Pictures. The page was designed for inclusion on the Apple movie trailers website, and so featured rich visuals reflecting the theme of the film.
Thumbnail image of: ProStores Template

ProStores Template

Preview: Full size screenshot
Description: Custom made template designed to be integrated and distributed for use with the ProStores e-Commerce content management system. The design retains a generic style that enables it to be utilized in a wide variety of environments.

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